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The inspiration to write Me, Myself & Inc. came from the many entrepreneurs Sherré has worked with or guided over 25 years. After hearing countless times “When is the book coming out?” while conducting her workshop entitled, Me, Myself & Inc., Sherré realized there was indeed a story to tell. Never hesitant to challenge clients or an audience into new ways of thinking ... or to share insights and experiences to inspire entrepreneurs into action ... the beginnings of the book took shape in late 2006. 

Sherré captured the stories of more than thirty entrepreneurs presenting real-life solutions of how they synergized and energized their lives and their business. In the first two sections of the book, each chapter ends with questions and exercises to help you get to the core of what may be holding you back, distracting you, or making what you are trying to achieve more difficult than it really needs to be. In addition, throughout the first two sections are real-life success stories sharing examples of how other entrepreneurs from all walks of life and types of businesses overcame challenges in building their businesses and their lives.
The center section of the book, from chapters ten to twenty, focuses on the limiting mindsets entrepreneurs tend to place themselves in which cause them not to have the business or life they ultimately desire. One set of limiting factors includes what Sherré  calls "wishful thinking" which is about wishing for more time, money, support, confidence, options, or resources.  Sherré  calls the other set of limiting factors "fearful thinking" which is about being afraid of letting someone down, failure, success, losing control, taking risks, boredom or being ordinary.
The final section of the book features inspiring stories and “Synergized Insights” of entrepreneurs from across the country including Sara Blakely of Spanx®, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s, and John and Bert Jacobs of Life is good, Inc.
Sized for easy packing in a folio, purse or briefcase, this is the type of book you will carry around with you, highlight meaningful segments and reference again and again.

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