What is Work/Life Synergy?


Me, Myself & Inc.

The reason balance
 doesn’t work is that it is
not about a struggle
between work and life …
it is about bringing joy
and fulfillment to the
three aspects of YOU.
The family, friends and
community YOU.
The individual YOU.
The business and
professional YOU.
  It is no wonder 
you feel pulled in all
directions! You are trying
to balance what cannot
be divided by two.
So what is the answer?
STOP trying to balance
and create synergy


 Synergy Quik Quiz

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Synergy Quik Quiz
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 Three Promises

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the Three Promises
you need to make to
yourself to create a
synergized world, an
energized business,
and your ultimate life.


 Benjamin Franklin discovered this the hard way.

Oprah Winfrey knew this from the time she was a child.

Bill Gates now dedicates billions knowing this is key.

Ben & Jerry went public and never lost sight of this.


What did Benjamin discover? Through trial and error, and continuous learning along the way, he learned there was an easier way to create success and achieve what was desired.
What do Oprah, Bill, Ben and Jerry each know and now you can too? Each of them naturally adopted an approach to their life and their work that has helped them realize great satisfaction, gratification, and the sweet rewards of success. 
It's not about Balance - It's about Synergy
And it's not about what you do, but about who you are. Everywhere you turn Work/Life Balance is a topic of discussion in books, articles, in company values statements, at the water cooler and during soccer games. It is now the "in" thing and what everyone is trying to achieve.  
About 15 years ago, Sherré DeMao had an epiphany. Work/Life Balance does not work and never has. The whole premise of “balancing” feeds guilt, sacrifice, frustration, inaction, and a continuous focus on fixing what is out of balance. Once Sherré determined balance did not work, this felt strange and very uncomfortable. She thought, “Now what?”
Then the answer came.
She realized that we as a society have had it all wrong. We have been focusing on the wrong equation. It was not about adding things up to make them equal or taking something away to balance the scales. It was about bringing them together to make them even MORE than we could have possibly imagined.  It is about celebrating and embracing the unique aspects of you individually, in life, and in work.
Sherré calls the three aspects of you, Me, Myself & Inc. and the process is Work/Life Synergy. Once she started incorporating this concept into her own life and the plans of her entrepreneurial clients, amazing things started happening in their businesses and their lives.
Now you can begin the shift from Work/Life Balance to Work/Life Synergy.