A Synergized World Speaks Out!

"I agree 100% with your approach described in your book. Excellent piece PERIOD. Nothing I can think rings more true about life and work. I know people who take these words to heart will discover their full potential in business AND life. Thank you...You are an inspiration to me."
Kalen Lee Cowen
Owner of Wheel Medic LLC
Tampa, FL
"Life and business are two things constantly in conflict with one another. "Me, Myself, & Inc.: A Synergized World, An Energized Business Living Your Ultimate Life" is a guide to synergizing one's business and personal lives. Filled with advice to help people find a healthy medium that promotes success in both aspects, "Me, Myself, & Inc." is a must for anyone who thinks they have too much to juggle in their lives."
Midwest Book Review
Small Press Bookwatch
December 2009
"Me, Myself & Inc. turns Covey’s ‘7 Habits’ up-side down, delivering a knock-out punch to the most widely accepted principle of success: the necessity to BALANCE priorities, both professional and personal. Sherré acknowledges the struggle of entrepreneurs who function proactively — creatively using positive approaches to prioritize for success, and yet still believe they must sacrifice (health, family, friends, etc…) to succeed in a highly competitive environment.  Me, Myself & Inc. champions a path to success that no balancing act can compete with, replacing it with the empowerment of a synergy mindset from the very beginning. Absorb the content of this book, complete the exercises, and you may be delighted by an epiphany that will change your thinking and truly synergize your life."

Cindra D. Cowen
U.S. Air Force (retired)
Facilitator, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Licensed in 1993)
Quality Management Instructor and Process Improvement Team Facilitator
Professional Military Education, Program Manager and Commandant
Fort Walton Beach, FL
"Unlike Gerber's "The E-Myth," Sherre's book is written by a business owner who "gets it" because she's actually lived it for many years. Very different from an academic study of how real business should run, Sherré does not sugar coat a thing about the difficulty of running a successful business. Me, Myself & Inc. should be required reading for all who even contemplate starting a business. They should complete every exercise twice before making the BIG LEAP."
Adolphus (Dolf ) Dunn, CFP®, CPA, CPWA, AEP, CRPC®
Senior Financial Advisor / Business Financial Advisor
Huntersville, NC
“Me, Myself and Inc. covers the entire entrepreneurial journey with new insights into why the well-worn term “balance” is not the key to a wonderful life as a business owner. With so many real stories of entrepreneurs, nationally-recognized and locally-recognized, Sherré shares with us her conclusions about how we can not only thrive in our businesses, but live more successful lives as entrepreneurs in this very readable, enjoyable book.  Even her end-of-chapter exercises are compelling us to push forward into a new way of thinking and living.”
Jan B. King
Founder, eWomenPublishingNetwork
Author, Business Plans to Game Plans
Marina del Rey, CA
"This book is one that every entrepreneur will relate to. Me, Myself & Inc. hits upon some of the key questions that we as entrepreneurs need to ask ourselves as we define our company, our goals, our purpose, and how we are going to make it all happen. Misconceptions are allayed no matter what type of entrepreneur you are. And the Synergized Insights in the final chapters are wonderful daily tips! A must read!"
Lori E. Frascati
Owner, LKNSavings.com
Co-host, Mi-Community Connection, Channel 4 
Cornelius, NC
"Me, Myself & Inc. is a must-read for any entrepreneur that is clearly seeking insight for success. Sherre's book is empowering because it has taught me to truly become a successful entrepreneur means synergizing myself first. This book is a beacon of light for me to build a business and brand in terms of a marathon and not just a sprint."
Belinda Epperson, Associate Broker, CRS, ABR, SHS
Phoenix, MD
"Entrepreneurs will find themselves knodding in agreement with virtually every page. It is as if Sherré somehow reached into the mind of every entrepreneur and knew exactly what we are thinking, questioning, confirming on a daily basis. This book suddenly helps you feel as if you can breathe, be yourself, and truly untap what's locked inside to be accomplished."
Julie Hall, The Estate Lady
Director, American Society of Estate Liquidators 
Charlotte, NC